Ahmed Khalid
Normal Student

Kris Yan

Every day we happen every day is a miracle with continuous.


A normal high school student who is studying in Mianyang High School with some basic knowledge about web.
A Chinese native speaker with "just-fine" English skills.

My Blog
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My Blog

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Kronos Insight

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Sakana Music Player

Tvflix - Netflix Clone 2.0
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Tvflix - Netflix Clone 2.0
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Shrot Link

Weatherio - Live Weather App
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Eat Uncle Chen


  • Sensei @ SCHALE

    2022 - Present SCHALE, a "club" created by the General Student Council President with a secret directive. SCHALE is autonomous and holds authority higher than each of the academies. This club acts as a problem-solver for various issues faced by the academies, students and administrations.


  • A Normal Primary School

    2014 - 2020
  • Mianyang Experimental Middle School

    2020 - 2023
  • Mianyang High School

    2023 - Present

Skills and Technologies

  • CSS3 CSS3
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • React.js React.js
  • Node.js Node.js
  • GitHub GitHub
  • VS Code VS Code